Kayaking Turkey Creek in Palm Bay, FL

I explored Turkey Creek in Palm Bay by kayak. I launched at a park that offered access to Turkey Creek and mountain biking trails. It was a bit of a walk carrying the kayak through the mountain bike trails to actually reach the water.

This launch area was located near the center of the navigable creek. Turkey Creek starts where the Melbourne Tillman Canal flows through it's dam into the more natural Turkey Creek. From here, the creek winds through the very shady Turkey Creek Sanctuary until passing under Port Malabar Blvd. Here, the creek opens up and is lined with houses. Eventually, it leads into Palm Bay (the actual bay, not the city), then into the Indian River. I started at the launch, then headed east.
Quickly passed under the Port Malabar Blvd bridge where several people were fishing in the shade.
This direction along the creek had plenty of houses, docks, and large boats. It was also very sunny and hot with little shade.
I turned down a side channel with a destination in mind. The goal in this direction was not reaching the end of the creek at Palm Bay.
The goal was to find Melbourne Falls. Since waterfalls are rare in the flat expanse of Florida, even a two foot tall trickling waterfall is exciting! A bit underwhelming, but still, Florida waterfalls!
After finding Melbourne Falls, I returned to the main channel of the creek and headed west back into the Turkey Creek Sanctuary. Passed by all sorts of interesting houses along the way.
Back under the Port Malabar Blvd Overpass and into Turkey Creek Sanctuary.
Found a sunken boat on the floor of Turkey Creek just west of the bridge. Shipwrecks are always interesting...
Continuing west, the shores of Turkey Creek raised up high above the water level turning into sandy cliffs. 
Saw a few manatees. Here's a mother and calf:
Turkey Creek was also filled with a crazy amount of turtles. They must be associate humans with food because they swarmed and followed the kayak.
Eventually, I reached the end (or the start) of Turkey Creek where the Melbourne Tillman Canal starts at a dam.
After reaching the dam, I turned around and returned to the kayak launch. I very much enjoyed this paddle. I need to return at some point and complete the trip in the other direction to Palm Bay. 

Here's a video of the paddle, including a time lapse, Melbourne Falls, and lots of underwater turtles:


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